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Debbie Testimonial

August 18th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

I want to begin by letting you guys know how supportive the emails that you sent were.  I enjoyed reading them and appreciated the information, encouragement and support.

I have been actually doing the challenge for 2 weeks (I got a late start.). I had no problem or withdrawal issues by giving up grains or dairy.  It felt pretty seamless in my life to begin this way of eating.

The first thing I noticed was that I did not feel hungry all day like I usually did.  There were times when my head wanted something to eat and I usually grabbed a handful of nuts or an apple, but I didn’t think about food all day.  I also noticed that I slept better and more soundly.  I felt physically good and had a good amount of energy during the day.

I lost about 3 pounds so far and although it isn’t a great deal of weight, I will take it.  I find the concept of eating this way very interesting and plan to continue.

I noticed this Fourth of July weekend when I ate foods that I haven’t had in weeks and had an alcoholic beverage that I didn’t feel as well and actually didn’t sleep as well.  I am back on track today and I guess the real test will come when I go for my physical in August.

Thanks for sharing this program and all of the great information you have sent!


Debbie M


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