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Carol Testimonial

August 16th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

My name is Carol P and I am 70yrs old from West Bloomfield, Mi.

My 30 days was probably at 85% and 21 days REALLY trying.

Formerly I was on a soy based protein program from my Dr.  and did very well in weight loss dept. but it tore my digestive tract up.  It was either severe diarrhea or severe constipation and no in between, then I had a stroke (in my sleep caused by power loss and CPAP shut down and I lost oxygen) could not breathe.

The weight had no trouble coming back trust me.  I did not gain all my weight back but a good 60% of it.

My chiropractor (who has now moved a state away) has been on paleo for years and runs a Crossfit gym and health center, so I thought why not and went on line and found you.

Tim (my Chiro) has shared some of his favorite recipes with me and they are awesome and I have given him some of mine which are awesome too.

So far, as I still work 7 days a week and have bad knees, exercise has been a challenge due to time and pain, but that is getting better.

I have lost 9 3/4 lbs and a pant size in 30 days with NO exercise. To limber up some did get an exercycle for under my desk and while at home if not up and moving.  I am up to about 5000 steps a day which is not optimum but much better than when I started.  Some days are better than others but that is to be expected.

I plan on continuing this lifestyle as I love food and to cook and the prep time is relaxing for me.  Thanks to you both and will be joining Thrive soon, but have a Better Health in my area that gives 20%off on Mondays plus extra senior discounts and price is really close.

Hope to keep hearing from you as the e-mails were a GREAT boost when I first thought might not continue, so very glad I did.


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