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Beth Testimonial

August 6th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

Hi – My name is Beth, and today is day 30.  I have lost a total of 14 lbs during this challenge!

This is more weight than I lost in 2 years on weight watchers!  What really has impressed me about Paleo is my energy level.

I feel like I did 20 years ago. And, I’m happy…. I’m tapering off my antidepressant right now.  I have a physical next Monday and I’m getting my blood work done on Thursday for cholesterol – you see, at 54, I’ve had 2 heart attacks (in my early 40’s ) and last year I had a stroke – brain bleed. So, when I tell you that I haven’t felt so physically good in 20 years, it’s a big deal – at least to me.

I love music and I sing, play guitar and piano. However, after teaching all day, I haven’t had the energy to do these things. My routine has become pretty much come home, correct papers, make dinner, clean up and go to bed.  However, now, I have the energy to take some time to feed my soul and play a little music to relax. It is great!  I’m discovering me again!

I honestly don’t miss bread at all. Now that I know about bullet proof coffee, I don’t miss ½ and ½. This last weekend was my sisters 65th birthday and she wanted strawberry shortcake. I made it using only paleo friendly ingredients and honestly, everyone said it was fabulous. (And coconut cream is AWESOME – okay I know that was still a little bit of a cheat – but hey how often does your big sister turn 65?) Can someone tell me why my mother always added sugar to strawberries? They certainly don’t need any sugar… I sliced them and set them in a bowl at room temperature and they juiced up just fine…..

I still have a good 20 lbs to go in my weight loss journey. However, it took years to put this weight on, so I have no problem having it take more than 1 month to come off. Paleo just makes sense. I’m slowly learning to actually buy less food, just higher quality.

I hate to call this a 30 day challenge, because Paleo isn’t a challenge for me – it is a lifestyle. One I intend on sticking with for the rest of my lifetime.

Brenda and Chad – thank you so much for helping me find me again!




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