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Barbara Testimonial

August 19th, 2016
30 Day Challenge

Hello, my name is Barbara N. I am 61. I live in Ottawa Lake, Michigan.

I did the 30 day challenge and found great results. Before the challenge I was eating whatever my family ate. I live with my brother and his wife. My brother eats a lot of junk food. Eats out a lot. Lots of pizzas. Everything that is bad for you.

I used to get heart burn with EVERYTHING I ate. Even the things I drank. I used to drink soda and that even gave me heart burn. I was taking Tums 4-6 a day. I needed at least 800-1000 mgs of Ibuprofen every day. I had bad gas all the time, and sometimes migraines.

At first the challenge was very hard because there wasn’t much food in the house that was healthy for the body. I was okay for the first week, I managed. But then I didn’t have anything left to eat.

In the mean time I had to sign up for food stamps. I have no income. I only had a few bucks and I used that for food. But once I received my food stamps I bought my own food. My brother thinks I am crazy for spending more money on food than him and get less according to his standards.

The first week was terrible on me. I had gone through a 4-day migraine. But later I realized I was detoxing. As I was half way thru the challenge I knew I shouldn’t have gotten on the scale. I did not weigh myself before the challenge as my scale was in my stored items in the barn.

I had spent the winter in Texas and came home in April. My weight down there would yo-yo up and down 10-12 lbs each month no matter how much I walked or rode my bicycle. I was very frustrated. But I weighted 177 in April.

When I got on the scale half way thru the challenge I weighted 160. That was a 17 lb. drop. I felt so good about that. I wasn’t feeling any different size wise. But I kept going. I noticed I wasn’t getting any more heart burn and had only taken 3 tums in 3 weeks. I wasn’t taking any more Ibuprofen for my back aches either.

I learned a lot from Chad and Brenda thru their emails and the group on Facebook. On my 29th day of the challenge was July 3rd. The family went out to eat at a fast food place for the grand kids. I knew I should not go but I didn’t want to be left out so I went. I had a hamburger and fries, Oh it was very tasty but I paid dearly for it that evening. I had such a bad gut ache and I had diarrhea. I learned my lesson and will never eat that way again.

On day 30 I weighted myself again and weighted 156. So that dropped another 4 lbs. I am going to continue on with the Paleo LIFESTYLE. I know I cannot go back and mess up what I accomplished so far. I know I will only get better and in the coming months get to my desired weight.

Thank you for everything and I am so glad I found the Paleo Lifestyle. I hope my family will see how I do and so far I have had 1 friend ask me how I am doing this. I gave the information to her and I hope it helps her and her daughter.


Thanks again,
Barbara N


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