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How to Protect Your Skin from the Inside Out

August 17th, 2015
Protect Your Skin From the Inside Out


I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Katie. She is a nutrition coach and wealth of knowledge about food and health! She recently did a local talk about natural sun protection strategies in our community and I’ve asked her to share some of those nuggets of wisdom with our Paleo Secret community….especially since many of us (depending on where you live) are in the throws of the sweltering summer heat! Whew! Austin, TX is in the 100’s right now! (Don’t miss the Summer Skin Health Salad Recipe at the end of the post…YUM!!)

Meet Katie…


Hello! I am Katie Tatterfield and I am a Nutrition Coach and have a huge passion for the power of healing foods. I have worked with many clients striving to better themselves and heal their body. I want to help you make small changes towards feeling energetic, motivated, happy and healthy!

I am also a red-head with fair skin and freckles…just like my dad. Well…he used to be a red-head, but over the years the red has turned to gray (or “blonde” as likes to call it ☺). As many of you with similar complexions know…we get burned by the sun quite easily if we’re not careful.

That’s my dad and I in the pic below. We get a huge kick out of our vacation pics, because we always have big globs of sunscreen on our noses and ghostly complexions….never fails!


While it’s important to spend some time in the sunshine without sunscreen to soak up the vitamin D, you also want to take care not to get burned. Sunscreen can be one of the many tools to prevent sunburn when outside for prolonged periods of time.

If you are heading to the lake, the beach or the park for hours on end you may benefit from using sunscreen for protection to avoid getting burned and avoid the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure.

However,  applying sunscreen doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to prevent skin cancer from happening.


Did you know Americans are one of the top countries with the highest rate of skin cancers and we rank high on the use of sunscreen? 1,2


As many of you may or may not know, sunscreens are often loaded with toxic hormone-disrupting and cancer-causing chemicals. We are slathering on the sunscreen to avoid burning and avoid getting cancer, all the while we are applying cancer-causing chemicals to our skin!!

Therefore, it’s important to know which sunscreens to use (stay tuned…Brenda is going to discuss this next week), as well as incorporate other sun-protection strategies.


This week I’m going to share with you some other safe and natural ways to protect yourself from sun with NUTRITION.

Did you know we have internal protection that works just like sunscreen?

Our ancestors wore very little clothes, did not have access to modern-day sunscreen and still had very little chronic degenerative diseases, including skin cancer.

Consuming antioxidants in our diets can naturally protect us from the sun. Every major antioxidant in the human body can be found in our skin! Amazing right!

An antioxidant is a strong cell that goes around and neutralizes damaging cells, a.k.a. free radicals. These free radicals can do damage to all the surrounding cells so it is the antioxidant’s job to make it neutral so no more harm can be done!

Carotenoids, Vitamins E & C and polyphenols are the anti-oxidants said to yield the most protection.

The ways these antioxidants protect us are by:
• Neutralizing free radicals that can cause damage to other cells
• Absorbing the UV light so no damage is done
• Bringing moisture, strength and elasticity to the skin
• And removing damage that is done to the skin (wrinkles) by regenerating collagen


So… Where can you get these antioxidants in your diet?
• Lutein/ Zeaxanthin- egg yolks, broccoli & kale
• Lycopene- Tomatoes & watermelon
• Astaxanthin- shrimp & salmon
• Polyphenols- green tea & 70%+ dark chocolate
• Vitamin E- nuts &seeds
• Vitamin C- papaya, mango, sweet potatoes & bell peppers


A 12-week study was performed that had participants supplement with Lutein on a daily basis. They found that skin photoprotection (sun protection underneath the skin) increased by 75%!

Another study was done using ~40 oz of green tea. Participants drank it 60 minutes before going out into the sun and the researchers saw a significant reduction in skin damage! Now.. ~40 oz is a lot of green tea, but imagine if you did this daily or supplemented with green tea.

A diet rich in antioxidants has many skin protection benefits! So… make sure you are including antioxidant rich foods at every meal!


Here is a complete list of skin protection tips for prolonged sun exposure:

  1. Don’t get burned.
  2. Wear protective clothing/gear (hats, long sleeves, sunglasses)
  3. Bring or seek out shade for long periods of time outdoors
  4. Apply a zinc-oxide based, chemical-free, 30-50 SPF sunscreen frequently throughout the day. (More on this next week!)
  5. Protect your skin from the inside-out by eating a diet rich in sun-protecting antioxidants!


Here is a skin-protecting recipe to help protect you from the inside-out!

Summer Skin Health Salad
• 1 cup of babe kale and spinach
• ¼ cup chopped tomatoes
• ¼ cup diced watermelon
• 1 oz chopped pistachios
• Blacken salmon
• Olive oil and orange citrus dressing
(½ c Olive oil, ¼ c white vinegar, juice from 1 whole orange, pinch of thyme, salt, & pepper)

Assemble the salad with the leaves, then tomatoes and watermelon. Garnish with the pistachios and then place the salmon right now top.Drizzle with the dressing and enjoy with a glass of home-brewed iced green tea ☺


Stay tuned next week to learn how to choose a safe and effective sunscreen!!

Stay cool!

Katie Tatterfield, CNC


Katie Tatterfield is a Certified Nutritional Consultant who graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S in Nutritional Sciences. She has much experience with health and wellness education and is passionate about nutrition and the power it holds. Katie’s goal is to motivate you while you strive to reach optimal health.

How to Protect Your Skin from the Inside Out
Article Name
How to Protect Your Skin from the Inside Out
How you can protect your skin from the inside out using nutrition. Sunscreen can prevent sunburn when outside for prolonged periods of time.

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