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The TRUTH About Skin Conditions (it’s not what you think)…

June 15th, 2015

Do you struggle with a skin condition such as rashes, acne, hives, or eczema?

I did. That’s my leg you see in the picture above…and that was before it got REALLY bad. I had red, painful, oozing, itchy, “crawl-out-of-your-skin” rashes covering my entire body for YEARS. Yes…YEARS.

Apparently, MANY other people experience skin problems too…perhaps you are one of them.

According to a Mayo Clinic study of 14,000 people, skin conditions (including acne, dermatitis, and cysts) accounted for almost half (42.7 %) of all doctor’s visits and was the #1 reason people went to see their doctor.

Like I mentioned, I had chronic skin rashes for years and developed these rashes that started on my legs. The first thing I did was visit a dermatologist. She diagnosed me with “dermatitis”.Translation = inflammation of the skin.

Great! (I thought).. I just paid $100+ for this woman to state the obvious.

I responded, “But, why is this happening? What is causing me to have these horrible rashes?”

She had no answer. Neither did the next dermatologist, or the next doctor, or the next.

They did, however, offer me a plethora of ointments and steroid creams. I tried them at first and they helped a little, but I found that as soon as I stopped…the rash came roaring back in all its glory.

The rash eventually spread throughout my entire body (including my neck and face) and remained their for years before I figured out what to do about it. This was one of the most painful and difficult times of my life. I was in chronic pain and discomfort and no doctor seemed to be able to help me.

I remember the only way I could fall asleep at night and get relief from the pain and itching was to pack my body with ice packs. I didn’t want to be touched. I was depressed. I was miserable.

But…I wasn’t going to give up. I knew there had to be an underlying cause for these insane rashes.

Finally, after a ton of research and seeking out alternative medicine practitioners I learned about the connection between the SKIN and the GUT.

One of my natural healing practitioner friends assured me he knew what needed to be done. He said this to me:

“If you want to get rid of your rashes, you need to heal your gut. You probably have a leaky gut.”

What?! I had NEVER heard this in my life. What does my skin problem have to do with my gut/digestive system and what is a “leaky gut”?

Frankly, I was ticked off and super frustrated. How come the dermatologists and doctors I saw never once mentioned this?

I started to research leaky gut and this connection between the gut and the skin.

I learned that leaky gut is a condition that creates permeability or openings in the gut lining. And this is NOT a good thing, because it allows undigested food particles and toxins into the blood stream where it doesn’t below. When this happens it creates inflammation throughout the body and is a gateway for disease to manifest. This systemic inflammation can cause many symptoms to occur, such as SKIN problems, joint pain, GI disturbances, brain fog, etc.

AND…apparently there are many research studies (even dating back to the 1900’s) that show the connection between the gut and the skin, also called the gut-skin axis. These studies showed that often people with digestive issues also had skin problems, and that by treating the gut the skin issues resolved or improved. Studies also show that probiotics improve skin issues, and therefore improving the gut flora improved the skin.

Go HERE and HERE to learn more about the gut-skin axis and related studies.

The solution to healing the skin meant healing the gut. This strategy involved changing my DIET in order to reduce inflammation and remove foods that were harming my gut. This is when I started eating a nutrient-dense, whole food Paleo diet.

I ended up working with a functional medicine practitioner that helped guide me through my healing process and was able to customize an individualized program for me. I began incorporating gut healing supplements and nutrient-dense foods like bone broth to heal the gut lining. I also worked with my practitioner to get rid of chronic infections, restore nutrient imbalances and detoxify heavy metals. These things are all important factors in healing the gut.

I also focused on getting rid of toxins in my environment to decrease the toxic load on my body…this is very important. I switched over to non-toxic personal care items (ie. lotion, deodorant, soap, etc), cleaners and got a water filtration system.

Eureka!! Slowly and gradually my skin issues began to resolve as my gut and body healed. I am so grateful I was able to get to the root of the issue and heal my skin and body naturally.

I continue to come across so many people struggling with skin issues that don’t know where to turn.

If you have unresolved skin problems…. here are my recommendations:

1-   Clean up your diet – Implement a Paleo diet.

==> Go HERE to learn how to get started with the Paleo diet

Even more than just eating “Paleo” focus on getting food from quality sources (ie. organic produce, quality fats, grass-fed meat/eggs, and wild caught fish). The focus here is decreasing the toxic load on your body and providing it with the nutrients it needs to heal and detoxify. Incorporate things like bone broth and fermented foods.

2-  Get rid of toxins in your environment – Go through your personal care products and cleaners and replace them with non-toxic options. Go HERE to learn more.

See where this gets you. Many people report resolution of their skin issues when they clean up their diet and remove toxins from their environment. My husband, Chad, resolved his skin issues once we made the switch to the Paleo diet.

If you see some change…but not complete resolution or no change at all…you need more help. You likely need to implement a gut healing protocol of some sort and get assistance with identifying and ridding the body of toxins and/or infections.

But…not to worry…your efforts weren’t for nothing. Diet and lifestyle changes are absolutely foundational and necessary to truly heal from your skin issues…you just need more help.


3- Do one of the following things to get the help you need to heal your gut:

  • Seek out and work with a functional medicine practitioner
  • Participate in Solving Leaky Gut – an online gut healing program

===> Go HERE to attend a FREE webinar to learn more about gut healing and the Solving Leaky Gut program

(Regardless which direction you go I would check out this FREE webinar to learn more about how gut/digestive issues are often the root cause of skin issues.)

Note: Solving Leaky Gut is a wonderful online gut healing program from Jordan & Steve at SCD Lifestyle (these guys are a wealth of knowledge and really know their stuff!).  I wish this was around when I was going through my skin problems!! This program is a wonderful way to tackle your skin issues by getting to the root issue from your own home AND may be a good option for those that can’t afford to see a functional medicine practitioner (which is usually out of pocket and not covered by insurance.) They do a wonderful job of providing videos, in-depth explanations for those that want to understand the “why”, and customized gut healing programs using personal quizzes and diet and supplement protocols.

Well…I hope this information was helpful for you!

I truly wish you the best on your healing journey!

If you have a personal story of how you healed your skin issue by healing your gut or changing your diet and/or lifestyle. Please share it with us!

Cheers to radiant skin!

Brenda Walding DPT, FDN

The TRUTH About Skin Conditions (it's not what you think)...
Article Name
The TRUTH About Skin Conditions (it's not what you think)...
Do you struggle with a skin condition such as rashes, acne, hives, or eczema?I did. That's my leg you see in the picture above…and that was before it got REALLY bad. I had red, painful, oozing, itchy, “crawl-out-of-your-skin” rashes covering my entire body for YEARS. Yes…YEARS.

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