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The Full Body Blaster(10 minute metabolic workout)

July 15th, 2014
Full Body Blaster

Recently there has been a buzz in the fitness world around “highly metabolic” body weight workouts. Why?

Well, for once you can believe the hype, because this kind of workout is exceptionally effective, and addresses most roadblocks people have with exercising. For example…

  1. They don’t have time for long workouts between family and work
  2. Lack of a gym membership(or even a desire for one!)
  3. No experience working out, not sure where to start

Any of those issues sound familiar? Right, well let’s crush these excuses where they stand!

These “highly metabolic” body weight workouts are so powerful because you can do them at home, FAST, no equipment required, and by watching instructional videos(like the ones we provide) you can learn how to lose unwanted body fat quickly.

So let’s give it a shot. Are you ready? Take 10 minutes today and do this:

Here’s the workout:

AMRAP in 10 min

5 burpees

10 step back lunges

15 swimmers

20 mountain climbers

30 sec plank or front leaning rest

So what this means is that you’re going to do 5 burpees, then 10 step back lunges, then 15 swimmers, then 20 mountain climbers, and then a 30 sec plank. That’s 1 round. Then you’re going to immediately go back and do another round starting with 5 burpees, then 10 step back lunges and so on.

AMRAP means as many reps/rounds as you can possibly do in 10 minutes. You can track your score and come back later and try to beat it.

This workout will rock your world! It’s extremely metabolically effective, and specifically designed to promote fat loss. It targets the core, legs, and shoulders and gets your breathing fast!

Some key points…

  • Try to keep moving, keep breathing and find you’re pace. Ensure you maintain good form with everything you do and if you notice its getting bad then slow down, take a short break then get back in the ring
  • Stay upright on the lunges and don’t let your knees move too far past your toes, go down to a comfortable depth

  • With the planks keep your feet together, squeeze your butt, brace your stomach and screw your hands in the ground…these can be done on the elbows or with locked out arms.

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I hope you find this workout to be highly effective and begin to see that exercise doesn’t have to be some long process that’s boring and ineffective. You can do it at home in very little time. It’s quite awesome actually! 🙂

Please try this out, share it with your friends and let us know how it went in the comments section on Facebook!

Eat well. Move well. Be well.

Coach Chad Walding, DPT

The Full Body Blaster - 10 Minute Metabolic Workout - No Equipment Necessary

So let's give it a shot. Are you ready? Take 10 minutes today and do this

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  1. chris.clark says:

    This is awesome.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m going to try this . Thanks!

  3. Sarah J says:

    Thanks! Got 4.5 rounds. Dripping sweat! Great workout while I’m on vacation away from the gym and equipment.

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