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Fried Duck Egg & Veggie Pumpkin Seed Stir-Fry

June 13th, 2013
Fried Duck Egg & Veggie Pumpkin Seed Stir-Fry

My mom was here for the weekend and whipped us up some breakfast from stuff that was in the fridge.

It was such a treat to have someone else cook since I do it so much! Something about the food my mom makes always tastes better than when I make it! 🙂

Thought I would share since this dish was delicious and quick to make.



  • 1 duck egg (or however many you want)
  • avocado
  • 2-3 cloves of minced garlic
  • snap peas
  • carrots (thinly sliced into match sticks)
  • spinach
  • yellow squash
  • basil
  • pumpkin seeds
  • coconut oil or butter
  • strawberries for garnish and good to eat too!
  • salt and pepper to taste

Chop veggies into small pieces (including basil).

Melt coconut oil or butter in a skillet.

Saute garlic in melted fat for a few minutes.

Toss in veggies (except basil) and cook until tender.

While veggies are cooking melt butter in a small skillet and fry egg sunny side up (add a little salt and pepper).

When veggies are cooked through,  add in a handful of pumpkin seeds and chopped basil and cook just a few minutes to incorporate.

Pumpkin seeds add a nice crunch.

Serve veggies with fried duck egg (or chicken egg if you like) and side of sliced avocado and strawberries.


Recipe by Marsha DeRose












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Fried Duck Egg & Veggie Pumpkin Seed Stir-Fry
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